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Thank you for inquiring about services at "Wilson's Car Beautification", where we believe that "After Every Job You'll Be Looking Good." The question is always asked, what's the difference between you and other detailers and car washes?

Great question! "Wilson's Car Beautification" is self-contained, we're mobile and capable of coming to you. I believe the term "detail" has been widely misused in the industry.

A true detail consists of meticulous cleaning, if done correctly the process should take about 3-5 hours *(depending upon the vehicle's condition).

Others will try to tell you that it should take about 2 hours, I call this the "rush job" and something will be left undone, so always ask questions. At "Wilson's Car Beautification" we take pride in taking our time with "every job" ensuring that it's done right the first time.

The local car washes will hire may inexperienced workers. At "Wilson's Car Beautification" the staff and I have worked together for years.

The standard is high and we work hard at keeping the cost to you low. You will only find top notch professionals ready to service your car care needs.

Big or small from cars, trucks, buses, fleet and commercial vehicles, SUVs to RVs... if it has wheels we can deal.

Car Care Tips
I am frequently asked, "How often should you wax a car?" Depending up on the conditions in which your car lives, I say, every three months. However, there are several variables to consider:

  • The type of paint on the car
  • The type of wax you use
  • Environment (Is the car protected?)
  • Is it hand-washed or washed by a drive-though car wash?
  • Color (Plays a major role)
  • Does the water bead after a wash?
From small vehicles to trucks, SUV's and RV's-no vehicle is too small or too large for Wilson's Car Beautification. We wash and detail vehicles at offices and private residences during normal business hours Monday through Friday, and on weekends between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Sundays are by appointment only. During the winter months, please call to set up an appointment. Check out our services now! We also provide Gift Certificates.

Wilson's Car Beautification
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